Why Chatbots are a Must?

25 May 2019

Have you thought of the future of social media applications? The trend slowly is getting shifted from social media sites like facebook, google+ etc to chat applications like whatsapp, telegram... etc.  Social Media of these days is no longer fun, but it’s getting serious.   People started loving small text messages over usually longer telephone calls and that predicts its future.  Businesses used to provide telephone support with a customer service room with live operators.  Obviously it’s an expensive affair with chances of human error in communication.  Over the time, the trend moved to live chat support with live support person in the back office.  It went well though there were issues of the long queues and wait time.


Chatbots are nothing but Chat Robots or Automated Chat System where the system generated either pre-recorded or AI generated answers to the queries of the customer.  Either way, the customer will receive a response that they expect and the processes will be faster.  System will have the capability to understand what the user asks and will respond with an appropriate answer.

Every enhancement in technology will have an impact in the business sector.  Whoever approaches technology productively can take benefit out of that.  There is a lot that a Intelligent Chatbot can do in your business

Chatbots has got Huge Potential

Chatbots are extensively used, but still the real potential of chatbots are not fully explored!  Chatbots can close a deal without any human intervention and can handle the customer support requests.  Sales Enquiries through the website can be handled automatically even when no one from your team is waiting online to attend the chat.  The bot will ask relevant questions that is required for your crm.

Chatbot are easy to train

Chatbots can be trained in various methods.  Certain chatbots can be trained in such a way that  intelligent answers are provided by the bot itself.  Simpler bots can provide answers that is already fed in the database.  Eitherway, its not a complicated affair to train a chatbot for the company purpose.

Chatbots offer straightforward services

A well optimized and well trained chatbot  communicates only straight forward and essential information to the customer without overwhelming them.

Chatbots Automates the Process

Chatbots reduce human efforts and automate communication with the customers with right information.  It helps to handle multiple clients simultaneously and thereby reduces wait time for the visitors and ensures that right solution is served to the customer without fail

Chatbots can save

Chatbots can save lots of resources since it reduces human efforts and thereby reduces HR cost to the company. Chatbots hence will be very profitable to your business if implemented in a right and effective way.